September 5, 2013: Modeling Contracts using (Integer) Linear Programs

  • Speaker: Wenbo Xu
  • Title: Modeling Contracts using (Integer) Linear Programs
  • Abstract: We introduce how to model contracts, such as the ones used in CCC, as integer linear programs (LPs). This makes it possible to treat contracts as sets of objectives and constraints, allowing to solve a number of problems related to contracts in a unified manner. We discuss benefits and drawbacks of this approach, and the balance between accuracy and solvability. While efficient (both in the theoretical and the practical sense) solvers for LPs exist, they are currently not running on embedded platforms, and support for distributed environments is poor. We describe the approach taken in A1 to remedy this situation. As a first measure, we will port the Open Source LP/IP solver suite SCIP/SoPlex to the CCC platform. Additionally, we consider other algorithms that are more suitable for distributed and real-time embedded systems. An overview and discussion will be given in the talk.