November 14th, 2014: RACE – Plug&Play for Safety-Critical Automotive Systems

  • Speaker: Christian Buckl, Klaus Becker
    fortiss GmbH, An-Institut Technische Universität München
  • Title: RACE – Plug&Play for Safety-Critical Automotive Systems
  • Abstract: In today’s vehicles, the majority of the functional features is realized by software. This trend will be reinforced by the integration of additional safety-critical Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, what also increases the complexity of the signal flows. However, a reduction of the complexity of the E/E architecture would be necessary to facilitate the safety certification. Moreover, in future the drivers desire to change or extend the set of functional features by updating or installing new software, in order to modernize their car after sale. In the RACE project funded by BMWi, we developed and implemented an approach for a vehicle platform that reduces the complexity of the E/E architecture, provides inherent safety properties, simplifies the development of functional features and provides plug-and-play capabilities. The fundamental concepts of this approach are inspired by approaches from the avionic and industrial automation domain and supports features up to ASIL D and fail-operational requirements. The usage of an appropriate operating system ensures the separation of mixed-critical software components. The runtime environment of the vehicle platform is configured automatically, based on formal descriptions of software based applications, as well as attached physical sensors and actuators. This enables the composition of components and extensions in a plug-and-play manner.
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