November 14, 2013: Platform-independent coding for embedded systems (the Wiselib)

  • Speaker: Henning Hasemann
  • Title: Platform-independent coding for embedded systems (the Wiselib)
  • Abstract: When developing Algorithms for embedded devices, two challenges arise: On the one hand, embedded devices pose several practical issues such as severe hardware constraints and the need for communication despite heterogeneity. On the other hand, embedded networks pose an interesting field of research from an abstract algorithmic perspective and motivates several problems in fields like network flows, distributed algorithms and other graph theoretical problems.

    The Wiselib is an algorithms library for embedded systems that aims to address both of these areas for mutual benefit. On top of a layer of OS abstraction (available for eg. Contiki, TinyOS, the Shawn Simulator and several other OS’s), the Wiselib provides a multitude of extensible data structures and algorithms that are combinable in numerous ways and can drastically ease application development for embedded devices. By using the same Model/Concept approach as the STL, Boost and CGAL, the Wiselib pushes almost all abstraction overhead to the compile time phase and thus can avoid runtime dispatch. This leads to scalable and efficient implementations that can be ported between platform by changing a few lines of code.