July 18, 2013: Algorithmic methods for reconfigurable systems

  • Speaker: Sándor Fekete
  • Title: Algorithmic methods for reconfigurable systems
  • Abstract: The ReCoNodes project (2003-2009, with followup work until 2012) resulted in 20 highly cited joint publications with the group of Jürgen Teich in Erlangen. The idea was to combine algorithmic theory with the applied problems of Hardware-software-codesign in order to achieve new methods for dealing with dynamically reconfigurable systems.In this talk I will give a rough overview over some of the models and methods:
    • exact methods for offline packing in higher dimensions (a problem that shows up when aiming for optimal module layouts over time),
    • optimal data structures for free-space management
    • defragmentation of physical data structures
    • other odds and ends.

    The main objectives are to

    • achieve awareness that joint work between algorithmic theory and applied practice can be done very well
    • show that there is a wide range of possibilities beyond just LP/IP approaches
    • start a discussion that very quickly leads to joint work and publications.