January 29th, 2015: Connecting Reconfigurable Hardware to CCC Framework

  • Speaker: Min Xu
  • Title: Connecting Reconfigurable Hardware to CCC Framework
  • Abstract: Reconfigurable computing system optimally compromises between cost and performance, and thus is widely applied in consumer and industrial electronics. In the state-of-the-art reconfigurable implementations, FPGA is used as a container of time-variant IP-cores. Under this type of system structure interfaces between hardware (HW) and software (SW) as well as online update or extension of IP-cores loaded in product are extremely limited.
    In this seminar the speaker proposes a framework, which builds a unified addressing space for CPU and all reconfigurable modules by engaging Network-on-Chip and hardware-based bus arbitrator. This framework meanwhile makes HW/SW co-design available by mapping reconfiguration and data stream stimulation on hardware side to function invocation on software side. In application programming (IAP) of IP-Cores are consequently enabled in this framework.
    Due to the hardware based features of reconfigurable computing system, the connection between project C1 and MCC, the kernel of CCC, seems looser than that of other projects. This proposed framework imports more flexibility and constraints, which are supposed to be solved by contract-based method and thus hopefully can make the connection between reconfigurable hardware and CCC framework tighter.