Legal Notice

Controlling Concurrent Change (CCC) in is a research unit funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft ( and coordinated by –
TU Braunschweig Research Center for Digitalization, Informatics and Information Technology

Managing Director: Anna Jankowski

c/o Institute of Operating Systems and Computer Networks
(Institut für Betriebssysteme und Rechnerverbund)
Mühlenpfordtstraße 23
38106 Braunschweig
Phone: +49 531 391 8118
The research coordination is lead by

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Ernst
Institute of Computer and Network Engineeering
(Institut für Datentechnik und Kommunikationsnetze)
Hans-Sommer-Straße 66
38106 Braunschweig

Responsible for editorial and content: Anna Jankowski

Copyright Notice
For the internet pages of CCC project, the copyright and all other rights lie with the Research Center for Digitalization, Informatics and Information Technology, Mühlenpfordtstraße 23, 38106 Braunschweig, Germany. Further dissemination, also in parts, for pedagogic, scientific or private purposes is allowed, provided that the source is indicated (unless otherwise expressly stated on the respective page). Use for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Braunschweig, 1ht October 2013