Final Presentations

Controlling Concurrent Change (CCC) presents its final results 

After 6 years of successful research, the Research Unit Controlling Concurrent Change (CCC) presented its final results at the renowned DATE (Design, Automation and Test in Europe) Conference from 25 to 29 March 2019 at the Firenze Fiera in Florence, Italy.

The CCC coordinator, Rolf Ernst, summarized the work of the Research Unit in a special session at the beginning of the conference. The session was organized by the DFG program director, Andreas Raabe, to introduce into DFG Collaborative Funding Instruments. Each funding opportunity was highlighted by the presentation of an outstanding project. We are very proud that CCC was chosen as an example of a successful Research Unit!
The summary slides of the presentation can be found here: DATE2019_CCC_SpecialSession_Ernst

In addition, CCC participated in the conference exhibition throughout the week and offered all participants the opportunity to inform themselves in detail about the research work. A team of 6 PhD students supervised the information booth throughout the week. Posters highlighted the architectures, methods and main achievements. Videos illustrated the research approach and results.

The CCC exhibition booth was in a favorable position and attracted many interested colleagues from different field, such as Janos Stipanovic, Vanderbilt University and former initiator of the DARPA program on cyber-physical systems, or Wang Yi, developer of UPPAAL, who has just received an ERC advanced grant for research into managing change in real-time systems. Wang stayed for quite some time and was obviously impressed by the status of CCC and its demonstrators. The DFG program director, Andreas Raabe, stayed for the videos and seemed quite satisfied.

The videos of the demonstrators included an autonomous road vehicle controlled by self-managed software with contract-based integration and monitoring of critical functions, a collaborating mobile robot pair with dynamic hardware self-reconfiguration for operation under varying radiation stress, and a simulated group of vehicles co-operating under limited trust. The robot pair also gave a life demonstration as part of the Friday DATE Workshop on Autonomous Systems Design.

You are welcome to watch the videos here:

      • Simulation: Agreements in Cooperative Maneuvers

    • Robot Demonstrator

  • Autonomous Road Vehicle Demonstrator