February 20th, 2014 A Library-Level Acess Control Mechanism

  • Speaker: Vassilis Prevelakis
  • Title: A Library-Level Acess Control Mechanism
  • Abstract: The problem of confining the execution of a process is well known. Traditional mechanisms such the Unix uid-based access control mechanism are too corse-grained (is it OK for your web browser to delete all your files?) while containment mechanisms such as sandboxing (e.g. via chroot), Virtual Machines, and control of operating system requests (Janus, systrace) have configuration and maintenance overheads that may be considered unacceptable for many applications. In this talk we present an access control mechanism that controls calls to libraries and allows them through only if they are compatible with the execution policy of the program. The policy includes not only the library calls themselves, but can specify call parameters as well. The presentation will include discussion of the mechanism itself and how it uses a runtime policy engine to effect access control decisions.