December 11th, 2014: Contract Specification and language

  • Speaker: Martin Wegner, Sönke Holthusen
  • Title: Contract Specification & Language
  • Abstract: In this seminar talk, the contract specification as part of the progress made in W2 will be presented. The smallest entity added to a system running the CCC environment will be called a function. Attributes will be presented in detail that altogether make up the contract accompanying such a function.
    Based on the notion of services in Genode and the component-based approach pursued in A1, a basic hierarchical model of a function is presented. Alongside this model, attributes are then specified including all the necessary information for the system topology and models within the MCC on the one hand and to be able to run the viewpoint-specific analysis engines for the added function on the other hand. Additionally, some of the attributes qualify as requirements on the system, guarantees to the system, or even both.
    Finally, a brief outlook on the contract language will be given that is currently developed, and the presentation will be concluded with a discussion of open questions, etc.