CCC offers two models of childcare services, which can be used individually or in combination.

Option A Option B

Flexible childcare
at the day nursery „Zwerge“ and „Spatzennest “ of the Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen

Flexible childcare for children older than 1 year in case of cancellation of the regular care, such as sick guardian, study day, vacation of the regular care giver…etc. This service is not a regular childcare. This option is not valid for ill children.

The flexible service can be booked from 8.00 until 19.00 o’clock. The maximum provided hours per day are 10 hours.

The service takes place from 8.00 to 16.00 o’clock at the „Zwerge“ nursery center, Fallersleber – Tor-Wall 10. Care is provided by Mrs. Gerloff, who is a qualified care assistant.

In the afternoon, your children will be at the „Spatzennest“ nursery, Konstantin – Uhde -Str. 20. When you book a full day, the children from day nursery „Zwerge“ are brought to the nursery „Spatzennest“ .

Registration for the CCC members (please mention that you are a member) is made by telephone using the following numbers 0531 391-4938 or 0531 391-4949 .

Please report your needs one week in advance. In emergency cases, a short-term registration is possible.


Anette Hoff
Konstantin-Uhde-Straße 20
38106 Braunschweig
Tel.: 0531-391 4949

Emergency care
by Lokales Bündnis für Familie Braunschweig e.V.

This option is offered for emergency situations, such as sick guardian(s), suddenly cancelled care by grandparents, prolonged work schedules, or expected work-related care shortage such as meetings or business trips. A childcare serviceperson of the local alliance Braunschweig will visit you at home and take care of your child/ren .

The service caters for ill children, who are not allowed to go to the nursery. This service is not a regular childcare.

The service can booked between 7.00 and 23.00 o’clock . Personal arrangements for extended care hours are possible.

The trained carers come to your home and take care of your children in familiar surroundings.

Registration for CCC members (please mention that you are a member of CCC) is done by calling the numbers 0178  195629-1 or 0178 195629-5. You can reach the numbers from Monday to Friday : 06.00 – 09.00 o’clock, 11.00 – 13.00 o’clock and 15:00 – 19.00 o’clock.

During other times and on weekends you can leave messages on the voicemail so that you can be promptly offered, by phone call or SMS, the appropriate solution.

Bündnis für Familie Braunschweig e.V.
Am Fallersleber Tore 3-4
38100 Braunschweig
Tel.: 0531-389 6998

The „Bündnis für Familie Braunschweig“ (BFB) childcare services are offered to the CCC employees for free. The covered costs include the care time and the care-giver travel expenses, unless the agreed quota between the CCC and the BFB is exhausted. For additional travels (e.g. sports, or music school) the parents are asked to pay 0.50 euros per kilometer.

Please note, that the „Bündnis für Familie Braunschweig“ requires the parents to fill (only the first time) the following form: Forms for the childcare by KNUT or Pa.U.L.A.

For more information please contact Anna Jankowski.