20th of February, 2017: Model-based Functional Safety

  • Speaker: Prof. Stefan Leue, Chair for Software and Systems Engineering, University Konstanz
  • Title: Model-based Functional Safety
  • Abstract: Ensuring the functional safety of critical software-driven embedded or cyber-physical systems is a prime engineering challenge. Domain standards, such as DO-178 B/C or ISO 26262, strongly recommend the use of automated analysis techniques and tools to support safety cases. In my talk I will introduce an approach to an automated safety analysis relying on a model-based system and software engineering approach. I will present the concept of causality checking, a fault analysis technique based on model checking. I will then illustrate the QuantUM methodology and tool that we currently develop which allows SysML or UML system models to be automatically analyzed for safety violations and the results to be documented using fault trees. I will discuss how such a tool environment can be used to support safety engineering in the context of the ISO 26262 standard.