13th of April, 2016: High-Resolution Vehicle Telemetry via Heterogeneous Inter-Vehicle Communication

  • Speaker: Martin Wegner (A2)
  • Title: CHigh-Resolution Vehicle Telemetry via Heterogeneous Inter-Vehicle Communication
  • Abstract: In this seminar talk, we will present part of the past and present work of A2 in establishing and evaluating a challenging use case for heterogeneous communication in one of the application scenarios of CCC—the automotive domain. General concepts and protocols derived from this use case will be integrated into a generic communication framework for CCC in ongoing work. The use case is as follows: Backend services enable the large-scale aggregation of vehicle data. This Floating Car Data (FCD) can be used to detect traffic disturbances. Although today’s vehicles are able to determine their position on a per-lane level, FCD is typically only used on a per-street level granularity. In this work, we show that using the fleet-data from one Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) alone as the database (i. e. on a backend) is indeed not sufficient to detect local, lane-level, traffic phenomena, independent from the accuracy of the vehicle localization. We thus present a high-resolution telemetry service based on heterogeneous Inter-Vehicle Communication (IVC). We introduce a novel holistic IVC simulation framework which we make publicly available and use it to experimentally verify the proposed telemetry service. Results show a significant leverage of IVC on both the resolution of FCD and the accuracy of detecting lane-level traffic phenomena.